Giro d'Italia 2023 Giro d'Italia, Stage 3: Vasto – Melfi 216 km (Monday, May 8th)

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It was good to see Bling go a bit early in the finish, instead of waiting - Today we saw the best and worst of Jayco - They are one team which offers UNCONDITIONAL support for their leader, however at times they work too much and lack that second option - Anyway, I expect to see Bling in a break or two further in this Giro.
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You'd think that by now the team would have worked a bit on Almeida's descending skills, at least on the technical standpoint. When the road goes downhill he looks like a granny sitting in a shopping cart.

He was involved in a crash and there isnt enough information to know if that was his fault or not... Last years giro was terrible yes, but he had plenty of fine descents since then. So id wait for the first real mountains with the final verdict... Its definately possible he still sucks going downhill though
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This bike race is officially over: Tibo Pantanot has entered the building and is showing the bag. Remco, Primoz, you're done...

polemics at the Processo @RaiSport today. they say the peloton let the 2 Corratec go away, even the 2 riders were baffled, Konyshev shook his head, no teams joined. the Rai guy argued about the low level of wild card teams getting easily invited, the too long flat stages, more bonuses on climbs, too boring stages for 160 km as today, etc #GirodItalia
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