Giro d'Italia 2023 Giro d'Italia, Stage 3: Vasto – Melfi 216 km (Monday, May 8th)

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Has Tudor been in charge of GTs or any major races in the past? (Sorry, I am not aware.)

If they havent... they will hopefully see the feedback and try to work on it. I dont know how long these sort things can take to fix or whats needed to become more accurate/faster.
In most cases it's not the naming sponsor which does the timekeeping. For the Giro it's Microplus Timing, for example, for the Tour (afaik) Matsport. Tudor just prints a logo on a big sign.

The difference to before seems to be that Tissot had their own platform which could be used to visualize the results, while this is not the case for Tudor. So they only seem to upload the full result to the Giro website instead now whenever it becomes available, instead of transmitting those information live and automated as before.
Meanwhile it's actually starting to bother me that Pro Conti teams barely even try to get in the breakaways anymore. Like what the *** was today?

Peloton doesnt let the breakaway get many minutes anymore. They have to ride much faster for much longer. Before they could get 10-12 minutes, have some time to slow down in the breakaway as well during the stage and then they could start to dig deep towards the end to try to hold on. The peloton still seemed sure of it, most times, that they could give away a lot of time but still pull them back in the end. Probably for reasons not to be discussed here. There were a few more dedicated sprint teams also.

Riders seem more reluctant now to spend +100 km in a small breakaway digging deep for almost the whole stage to hold on to the 5-6 minutes they might get that is doomed to fail. Especially early in the race. It just costs too much and may affect the whole race for them after that.

No gifts for a smaller team or an "obscure" rider now.

I think smaller teams or riders going into early breakaways in the beginning of the races to get some exposure for the sponsor/team/themselves was more of a thing before social media and so on.
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Quick reminder that Beppe Conti also thinks that a MTF on the Mortirolo would be the best thing ever (at least when he doesn't take his meds) and that Landa should have been forced to wait for Aru on both the Mortirolo and the Finestre stage in 2015. He also campaigned to have Giro routes with almost no TTs (so TdF style) during Aru's prime. The guy's a nationalistic clown, but at least he knows a lot about the story of the sport.
polemics at the Processo @RaiSport today. they say the peloton let the 2 Corratec go away, even the 2 riders were baffled, Konyshev shook his head, no teams joined. the Rai guy argued about the low level of wild card teams getting easily invited, the too long flat stages, more bonuses on climbs, too boring stages for 160 km as today, etc #GirodItalia
Italian TV in a nutshell: creating drama out of nothing and talking for hours without saying anything relevant.
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Meanwhile it's actually starting to bother me that Pro Conti teams barely even try to get in the breakaways anymore. Like what the *** was today?
I understand it with both Israel & Eolo to be honest. They've got Pozzovivo & Riccitello or Fortunato respectively and still don't know exactly what to do with them and how they need to support them, then.

I've got zero understanding for Bardiani though. They're here as Italian farm team. Their rooster is weak. Even AG2R managed to put their prospect, former piccolo Lombardia winner Lapeira into the breakaway. They'll continue to do so with Vendrame, Lapeira & Prodhomme later on. Arguably AG2R could let Vendrame target the former intergiro classification though. He's both fast enough and climbs well enough to win those sprints even on profillic terrain. Legit to criticize AG2R if they don't do.

Corratec surprisingly seems to be a valid wild card invitation so far. They join the breakaways and they target the former Intergiro classification. Even though their fastest man Tivari isn't at the Giro d'Italia.

This should be the last Giro d'Italia for Reverberi then. He doesn't deserve the benefit of the doubt anymore. If Tudor signs Mäder as gc guy for the Giro d'Italia, they should be in instead. While Corratec should be rewarded. Then it depends whether Riccitello becomes a factor at the Giro d'Italia or whether Savio comes back with a strong Colombian team like 20 years ago.

It's an effrontery that Bardiani refuses to target the former intergiro classification in the end. That's why these teams are invited. They are weak, yes. But this is the classification they can fight for and have their little race inside of the race instead of only doing fruitless TV attacks. Androni Giocattoli & Gazprom heavily contested it in the past. It gives the weak pro continental teams that are chanceless elsewhere a prize to battle it out for among themselves.
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