32ème édition du Tour de l'Ain (2.1) // August 7th - 9th 2020

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I agree, and he had a better leadout. Give TD 5% more top end and JLV will be really hard to beat.

Also agree that Sivakov and or Sosa could make the difference.

Not sure about Froome's form -- I can't tell if he's racing to find his top end or this is really his level.
Froome could do be into a quick ascent to form in the next few weeks. I have a feeling he will improve like he's done more often. Let's see. In any case it may likely not be enough though.
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Looks like it will be a Roglic vs Bernal vs Quintana in Le Tour. You look at today and add guys like Pinot, Pogacar and Landa into the mix and there could be serious fireworks. Dauphiné on Wednesday will give us a closer look but the form of the favourites seems clear so far.

One man who hasn't raced since the lockdown? Emanuel Buchmann. We'll see how he goes next week. Building on from last year he could be a serious contender.

Guillaume Martin dark horse for a top 5.
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Roglic showed where he's at today, which is at the very top (right now). However, the TDF is still a few weeks away. Bernal is right there (almost). Thomas is not looking so great. Froome is still searching for form. Dumo is clearly getting stronger. Oh yeah, that Quintana guy is regaining form, too. As a team, Jumbo looks very, very strong.
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The Tour this year was designed for Allphillipe and given what we saw at MSR maybe he is the only one who can beat Roglic

Pinot alos and Pogacar amy make the difference
I think Inoes cannot bring both Thomas and Froome to the Tour so I think they will leave Froome out

There si no such thing as targeting at the last week...you need to be in form now ...that supposition is ludicrous ...The Tour can be over by then

Every rider needs to be top form from day 1 and for the first time since forever Ineos are not
I really hope JV do not sacrifice big Tom too early in the TDF. He pulled for a long time and still did his thing riding to power to stay near. If in top shape Dumo could put a couple of mins into Bernal in the only ITT at the end.
Bennett looked so strong I don't really worry about having to sacrifice Dumo early.

As long as they realise Kruijswijk shouldn't come ahead in the hierarchy they're good.
Dumoulin should ride the Giro and with Kuss in the Team should only be used when necessary at the Tour

Steve K is a very good dom to have on the very long climbs in the last week of the Tour which is where hsi forte resides

He too should go to the Giro
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