4 Jours de Dunkerque/GP Hauts De France 2022 , 5/3-5/8

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Watson is looking great here, he's only at 8" on the GC. Another young gun threatening to start winning decent sized races. All it takes is a bit of hesitation behind, as Lotto, Alpecin and TotalEnergies argue over who does the work, as he looks like he'll be caught on the final hill but nobody seems to want to do that last bit of work to pull him back and he's, rightly, ignoring them and just sticking his head down and riding to see how close he can get. Even if he dies trying, it's good for his development to learn what he can do in this kind of position.

Lotto have four in the group, the other two have three, although Alpecin do have Gogl who was in the break so will likely be resting up a bit. Ag2r down to only Naesen who is isolated from the look of things.
Well that's a bit of disapointing for Gilbert after all that work from the team, but thanks to Vermeersch overtaking Naesen just before the line he should be in the leader jersey now. Naesen and Stewart are faster and at 4" and 5" tho so boni's going to be really important tmrw.
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Not one of the best Mont Cassel stages I've seen, settling for a shootout on the final climb, but a nice finale, broke things apart from that small group nicely. Naesen just looking like a complete boss, isolated in the bunch, but Vermeersch just showed super patience, noticing Gilbert was done - and stalking Naesen's move and catching him at the final curve into the market square, taking the outside line but knowing Naesen was done. Stewart up to 3rd as the chasing trio caught Gilbert, nice finish for him too. PCS has called it for Watson but it was bib 34 which is Jake Stewart.

Looks like Gilbert has the lead, Naesen at 4" and Stewart should be at 5"?
Thijssen wins the last stage. He's by far the fastest left there. Great win for him to put all the bad luck behind him. He's still a pretty talented sprinter.

Gilbert wins the GC! Belgium basically takes everything the last couple of days.

Thijssen finally got it right.
Smart to just go early. He is the fastest, only way he could lose again was getting boxed in or go too late. I'm happy for him after his horrible crash in Gent some time back.
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