42nd Vuelta a Burgos (2.PRO) // July 28th - August 1st 2020

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Pog mixed up great days and weaker days at the Vuelta, as well as not being an insane ITTer as well. Bernal is obviously a pure climber.

If the 3 of them are competitive, it's great.
Pogacar went from winning l'Avenir, to winning Algarve, to winning California, to being great at Pais Vasco to winning 3 stages and the podium at the Vuelta. There were very few off days in between, which Evenepoel also had.
The attack right as Almeida had almost joined back in was a bit impetuous and he showed flashes of merely being super talented rather than extraterrestrial.

That said, in a field of pure climbers on a classic Spanish super steep shorter climb in roasting heat he still more than held his own and played it cool making other riders close gaps on multiple occasions.