64th E3 Saxo Bank Classic: 25 March, 2022

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Asgreen was at the back of the peloton about 1km before that climb and couldn't move up in time. Ghirmay was third wheel and he let it go and since the climb was essentially a narrow strip of tarmac as there were no barricades it was impossible to pass without going onto cobbles. Bit of a major mistake from Asgreen.
Nobody had the legs to go with the Jumbo couple.
They would have passed Ghirmay, even on the cobbles, if necessary. They just couldn't.
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The fact that we're reduced to discussing third place behind two riders from the same team with half an hour to go in a big classic says it all really. This sport is dying incredibly fast, can't imagine viewership numbers will stay at their current levels for too much longer when things are unprecedentedly predictable.

I know it's not a good outcome today, but your constant nihilism is getting a bit tiresome, I must say.

Nothing is dying.