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64th E3 Saxo Bank Classic: 25 March, 2022

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Speaking of Pozzato, do you guys remember that spring campain where Pozzato's only objective was to sit on Boonen's wheel? Lmao, good times, and what a rider (when he really wanted to).
A fair weather rider who didn't like training hard too much, but one can't deny that he had tons of class. In his final Rvv he still finished 8th despite getting caught behind everytime an important move happened.
Also remember when he rode to make Ballan not win the Rvv?
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Photo finish. It was pretty close at then end.


View: https://twitter.com/MarcHerShe/status/1507388700522651669
Only because the great Dayer Quintana didn´t start. I miss the good old Movistar day. These days they actually have a couple of decent guys for the classic. Was more fun when they send a bunch of 55kg climbers.

Like Imanol and The Seven Dwarves? Don't know exactly when that ever happenned though, they're never good but I don't think they were ever Euskaltel bad. Always had some kids to put with guys like Erviti, Amador, Ventoso, or Guttierez, at least half of them would finish.
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That's a peculiar conclusion.
Honestly watching this whole race it warmed my heart as an example of great team/individual planning and dedication. Almost every JV effort produced an impact on the pack based on where they applied the power. They were in the right place and didn't waste energy doing much but attacking to a controlling position when the roads narrowed and then turned the screws.
WVA on the cobbled climbs was a relentless metronome that even his teammates struggled to keep contact with. Really good tactical race and full dedication to manipulating the break and then delivering a 45km TT on roads that were suited for that strategy. Didn't we just see that recently?
They did it right and Wout was the predictable element that made his DS's work relatively easy on that parcours. I did love the uphill corner where he was pushing the pace and going hard enough to overcook the right turn; then fortunately found a gravel berm on the outside line to bank into the descent. Lucky and stylish!