75th Omloop Het Nieuwsblad: February 29, 2020

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Alright... The virus can back off, it-s turn for the cobbles.
The weather stabilized in a northern way. Exactly what we've been hoping for.
We saw who's on form previous weeks, but this race almost always unveils someone from under the radar.
Just an update on the weather. Not terrible (or good, whatever your prefereces are).
Afternoon forecast for Geraardsbergen, Temp: 8 °C, Wind: WSW 41 km/h, Wind Gusts: 56 km/h
According to Accuweather.
Actually gusts between 70 and 90km/h are predicted, locally even more. Longer periods of rain as well. It's going to be a total madhouse. A bit too much for my liking as I don't want a crash fest or a lottery.

I'm surprised no one has mentioned Wellens as a big favourite, given that he loves weather conditions that most hate.
Wellens has gone a bit more under the radar compared to previous years, but with these weather circumstances, I agree he seems to be kind of overlooked by the press.

He's caught something after Algarve though so it's still a question mark if will be 100%.
If the weather is going to be a decisive factor, then Kung could finally emerge as the new Stannard.

Moscon also doesn't seem to mind bad conditions. Will be interesting to see if he puts it together this classic season, after a couple of seasons of getting it wrong.

Can't wait for tomorrow



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