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75th Tour de Romandie (2.UWT) // 27th of April - 2nd of May 2021

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Interesting paradox. Krujswijk, a Dutch performing worse in bad weather than Soler, a Spaniard (for it to work i'll ignore on him being Catalan). Btw, i'm predicting Soler to end up 6th in the Giro.

Van Wilder is i think the youngest of the new breed of Belgian flyers (with Vansevenant and Vandelabele) that most likely will turn into Ardennes guys with maybe occasional GC try like Wellens, Teuns or Bakelants. I feel he might be a lil bit too quick to be a full on GC focused guy. However, this days it seems like full on sprinters are also top of GC so who knows. We'll see tomorrow where he's at.

Huh, Arensman's only 21? I thought he was much older. Maybe i've mixed him up with someone else.