A browser cycling manager game with real life riders

Ok, so I'll show a bit what this game is about, because the OP is not very descriptive, maybe it will encourage more players.

The game is a bit similar to the CQ Ranking Manager game on this forum but more engaging. You have to select 30 riders with a limited budget (the prices of riders are based on their results in the last 3 years) and then select them for particular races as the season goes on. The riders will score points according to the game’s points scale based on their real life results. There are additional points for 3 best teams for each race (so sometimes it’s worth investing in riders who do well in smaller races as those are often easier to win).

You can also select 15 rider development team from u-23 riders outside of WT and they will be selectable for races outside of WT.

When you select riders for given races, the game gives you hints about what riders are on the startlist.

There’s a lot of cool stuff like various minor classifications and statistics and the game keeps track of your achievements throughout the years.



Both men’s and women’s versions are available. You can play both or just one of those if you wish.

You can enter at any point during the season but late entries will have reduced budgets (and also fewer races to score points in, obviously), so it’s recommended to complete your team by midnight sever’s time (UTC ) before the day of the first race of the season. You can check the game’s calendar on the website to know which one it is.
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The season starts in 5 days so for anyone who wants to play and hasn't joined yet, it's a good time to join and make a team without excessive hurry.

Check post #12 from the thread for more details about the game.

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