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I think it's safe to say that cycling sponsors are less random than they were back in the day. Now, it's mostly national lotteries, state-owned teams, bike manufacturers, a few supermarket chains.

The days of lotteries for blind people sponsoring major cycling teams seems to belong to the past.

Though, I wouldn't mind a Festina watch.
I have a question. Which "team hashtag" do you people find most ridiculous? Apart from the whole concept of having a "team hashtag" being ridiculous in itself.
I'll start:
Ag2R's "RideDifferently". WTF does that even mean? Are they gonna rock up to a race on unicycles one day, telling everyone that "We're doing things differently!"?
AG Insurance-NXTG uses too many hashtags.

#supporterofyourlife #unlockyourpotential #GearUp #supporterofbelgiancycling #AGInsurancenxtgracing
#supporterofbelgiancycling is an interesting hashtag given the team is registered as Dutch, so is the manager Natascha den Ouden and also Servais Knaven, and there are more dutch riders on the team than there are belgians
Sure, but it was originally registered in Belgium, and AG Insurance and Experza are Belgian companies. I assume that Mirre Knaven will also switch to a Belgian license next year.

But since there are other big Dutch teams, it should also be easier to market it as the primary Belgian team.
Apparently it's one of those watch health monitors. This from another thread. I am sure it is probably a license-ing deal. But the person who used this tech. said it isn't something you would normally bring on a long sweaty ride.
It is, but Withings Community is one of those phrases that does not lend itself well to the url/handle orthography of no capitals and no spaces.

Similarly afflicted companies include:
Purveyor of writing implements, Pen Island;
Directory of theatrical agents, Who Represents?
The Italian sister company to Powergen UK, Powergen Deutschland and Powergen Espana,
and the listings page for counsellors, Therapist Finder.



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