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A coffee and a small Danish.

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No, but Toby asked for a more weather appropriate prize than ice cream, which could be a cobbler.

I gave him coffee! But apparently that was BoRiNg...

Or perhaps cobbles instead, since we’ll have them on our (viewing) plate in a week or so? I bit hard on the teeth though.

I think Stuyven sells little cobbles shaped chocolates in his boutique.
Well... the goats will be leaving something...

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I present to you, my awesome Danish MSR predictor!

Last year:
6, Pedersen
7, Kragh

This year:
5, Kragh
6, Pedersen.

Thus I can conclude - using my internal power of weirdness - that:

4, Pedersen
5, Kragh

3, Kragh
4, Pedersen

2, Pedersen
3, Kragh

1, Kragh
2, Pedersen

You heard it here first!
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