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LaFlorecita said:
infeXio said:
lenric said:
It was 6 years ago. That Contador would have smashed everyone today with a starbucks cup on his left hand. Without falling off of his bike.

Look at that acceleration :p back when his cadence was more than 30 rpm
I was watching this the other day (from 28:40)

Thanks for sharing...hadn't seen that one before.

I was watching this yesterday after watching 2011 Etna.

Good times...
So is contador really claiming that his size tarmac frame is 400g heavier than the rival bikes? Top frames clock in at roughly 750-950g so I find it hard to swallow the claim. But maybe i am wrong and it weighs 1150-1350g.

Even so, with pro team financial resources it is entirely possible build a tarmac, or any other top frame, with a power meter to the uci legal 6,8kg if need be.

But Yeah, as was pointed out above, this is clearly about spec vs trek.

Red Rick said:
'2nd place is no good' started early. Baby Bertie willing to gamble.
Me at 25:37

If I had watched that stage live at the time I wouldn't be alive today.
First time I saw that move was in a youtube video called "best cycling save ever" :D

Can't help but think if something like that happened to him nowadays he'd smash into the wall face-first :eek:
Watching that live Scarponis bridge to Contador on Etna was mightly impressive as well. Evans ,Scarponi,Contador , Basso were my my favourite riders so I had a great 5 year period. Now Contador is the last one left and I haven't latched onto anyone I like except I have a thing for Navarro and Pardillia but they won't win anything.
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rick james said:
DFA123 said:
Netserk said:
The Marseille ITT has a steep hill in it.
Aren't they just going around the football stadium? Are they climbing the stands or what?

Anyway, a 34 tooth cassette can never be #bikeporn in my book :) Maximum 25, and that's being generous.
i doubt its a 34 on the rear
Perhaps a 32; it's massive. Either way, huge chainring and large cassette combination looks bad. Especially on a TT bike.

Red Rick said:
How is nobody discussing the white shoes and black socks
Black socks are team issue, would you rather see him wear black shoes again? I don't want to see every post in this thread about his shoes like last year :eek:
We know from the GCN interview that his personal preference is white shoes with white socks :)