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This reminds me of LeMond in 1992. Going backwards on the climbs. I hate to see it. I wish he had not placed so much on this one race. He's been there, done that. He's had a pretty good year otherwise (really good if it wasn't for Valverde), so I hope this doesn't turn into a "he must retire now" thread. Might as well say the same for Quintana, because he's out too.
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LaFlorecita said:
lenric said:
And people here keep claiming he's one of the most likely riders to win next year's Giro. :eek:
who out of these riders do you expect to see in next year's Giro?
And before today he looked at least reasonably decent
Bardet will ride it.
Even if he doesn't, Contador's career as a GC contender is over. Today was another proof of that. Martin and Uran ahead of him is just too bad. Even you, if you can open your eyes, will be able to realize it.

Now let him finish his career with 1 or 2 stages in the bag. That would be quite a beautiful ending.
Unfortunately he put so much on this one race, so it is what it is. Less than one year ago, he totally mixed up the Vuelta and affected everything, ultimately changing the whole race. So even though he's looking bad in this Tour, I think he still has some great rides to give.
Jun 25, 2015
As i predicted: he was looking bad from the beginning of the race. And unfortunately he is worse than the PN , and this is incredible