Teams & Riders Alberto Contador Discussion Thread

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LaFlorecita said:
It's more the fact that the Pais Vasco parcours is better suited to other riders, and he never wins Dauphine ;) and as much as I'd like it, I can't see him winning the Tour and he'll fade at the Vuelta I guess, like Froome in 2012.
C'mon Flo, the ITT is a lot closer to the 2nd TT in the Tour last year than a flat one. He will probably top-5 or even podium it. Given his opposition that should be enough to secure the overall, especially if he wins the stage to Arrete.
Aug 16, 2013
Netserk said:
Yes I disagree with you, so obviously I haven't seen him race. Are you for real?
You say he will finished 2nd or 3th, which refers to the fact he never races to win. That's just what comes up in my mind, however. I could be wrong. Or do you mean he will finish 2nd because Contador is just better?

The Valverde 2014 is just a beast, who attacks because he likes it. Contador won TA in fine style, but PV isn't really comparable. I don't think Contador is better than Valverde at this point. And so there is no reason to think Contador is going to win from Piti.
LaFlorecita said:
I reckon Contador will struggle to finish podium in Pais Vasco, his TT is crappy after all. I can't see Contador winning again in the near future. But he won T-A this season and that makes me happy :)
Catalunya means nothing. With the weather problems it was essentially 2 sprints. No tts, no multiple mountains, no recovery tested. For the tdf it means nothing. Never mind that the guy who beat him won't even be there.
Jul 29, 2012
I always thought the hitch was an intelligent person but i don't know it anymore.

Discussing with laflo about Contador is utter stupidity ;)