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Amstel is Gold, Jerry, Gold! Men's Classic One-Day Race, April 14, 2024

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Who will win Amstel Gold (Men) 2024?

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This was supposed to be a 'battle of the Benelux' between Evenepoel, Van Aert and Van der Poel but now we are left with the latter.

The absence of the other two means that Van der Poel is now the only one with a favoruite tag on his back and even though he and Alpecin handled that perfectly in Flanders and Roubaix, I expect it to be more difficult this time. That's because despite the being very hilly, the fact that there is no cobbles means that guys like Teuns, Jorgenson, Pidcock and Benoot should be able to hang on a bit more. Still, unless there is a big tactical move with Alpecin sending someone like Kragh or Hermans in a reduced group following riders from other teams, I think Van der Poel will win either solo or in a reduced group sprint.

I will also be curious to see what the UAE team does here, they have several of their GC riders which I don't think that they are particularly well suited to this and young Jan Christen which could be one the surprises of this race. Gregoire and Skjelmose are also two riders to watch.
These previews are overestimating MvdP's chances for today. The Amstel is an entirely different race than the cobbled classics. Van der Poel isn't just going to drop all those climbers from UAE, Jumbo, Ineos and EF and ride 40 km solo.

He's still the first favorite because there isn't one individual opponent who stands out, and because he can also win the sprint of a small group of climbers. However there are many possible scenarios where someone else wins.