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Amstel is Gold, Jerry, Gold! Men's Classic One-Day Race, April 14, 2024

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Who will win Amstel Gold (Men) 2024?

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Last year was a good race apart from that car incident IMHO. Race broke open quite early. Much action. Even after Pogacar broke away the fight for 2nd between Healy & Pidcock was exciting and the personal knocking between Kron & Lutsenko was as well!

Yes, but I was talking specifically about the bad organisation. I agree it was a good race that unfortunately already had been opened up before we went live. The same could happen Sunday, annoyingly.
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Yes, but I was talking specifically about the bad organisation. I agree it was a good race that unfortunately already had been opened up before we went live. The same could happen Sunday, annoyoingly.
You are in luck, because this will be the very last time the ever so incompetent Leo van Vliet (that man has such a punchable face) will be race director. As of next year, Flanders Classics will reign. This isn't much better tbh and that basketballer is just as annoying, but hey, at least he doesn't think all those people have gathered just to watch him.
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It still doesn’t make sense to me that guys can be at top level the week after a max effort 6 hour race (even if only a couple hours are true max). Even for the freaks, there’s not many other strength or endurance sports that work that way.
I was always told that it takes 7-10 days for a training effort to have any effect. And the longest it's ever taken me to recover from a very hard/long effort is about 5 days. So a week between cycling efforts seems pretty normal? Not to mention that MVDP grew up racing CX which is exactly 1 or 2 hours hard each and every weekend.
I just looked up the interview, here's what Philipsen said himself last week:

(gt) For some colleagues, spring ends after Sunday. Not for you. Your name is still on the start list of the hilly classic Amstel Gold Race (Sunday April 14, ed.).

“That is still the case. (Grins) But I'm curious whether I can continue my form for so long. That is also a question mark for me. The big goal of course awaits on Sunday. My participation in the Amstel should mainly be seen as a test. A test in which I want to explore my possibilities in that kind of one-day work. After Sunday it will become clear whether or not I will appear at the start in Maastricht.”

But regardless of this... yeah, I'd be surprised as well if he's much of a factor. Amstel doesn't look like a race particularly suited to him.
You have to compare highly trained riders and highly trained marathonrunners. It has to do with the impact of the feet on the soil. Which cause small tears in the muscles and microscopic cracks in the bones. Something that rarely or never happens in cycling. Unless due to (heavy) crashes.
My point is that cyclists are obviously damaging their muscles, otherwise why do they need sougniers every day?

I'm aware that cyclists can sustain more total hours of exercise per week, as well as the relative occurrence of RSIs.
No, it's ridiculous. If they also have head-to-heads I would bet against Philipsen.
yeah my first thoughts too... Have head to head vs skjelmose. Seems to me like a easy skjelmose win. Hes never ever ridden Amstel, phillipsen? I would be shocked (and ofc highly impressed but cant see it) if he would beat Skjelmose here, cant see it tho wierd odds and bet.

On another note i do remember phillipsen was bookie favorite for Glasgow WC during tdf :tearsofjoy:
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