Arctic Race of Norway 2017 (2.HC) 10/8-13/8.

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Mayomaniac said:
The Tromsø stage tomorrow should be fun to watch, with that circuit you could also have one hell of a WC route.
Ok, maybe the weather would be a bit unpleasant for a few riders. :D
Surely riders who don't like, errr, sketchy weather wouldn't go to a race like this. The race has literally got Arctic in its name!
Jul 24, 2015
Re: Re:

Monte said:
jsem94 said:
Says it all about this field really when Dylan can be at front for damn near 1.5km on his own and still be 2nd.

August Jensen needs to get a move to a bigger team though, move up from the Conti races.

Lol @ Cofidis though.
He is going to WT team next year, he just refuses to say what team..

And another funny fact from Today is that his Win might mean that Norway gets 9 riders to Worlds in Bergen this year, and he wasnt in the initial 6 that are somewhat clear for the worlds (Kristoff, Eiking, Boasson, Bystrøm, Korsæth, Skjerping) ..

He won the stage and a ticket to the worlds it seems. Norway battle POland for the 10th place in NATIONS cup in UCI, and we lead by 150 points now..

3 others is the U23 Champ Halvorsen, August Jensen and the last one is a guess.. Bjørn Tore Hoem.
I am sure Stake Laengen and Grøndal Jansen would be picked far above Skjerping and most definitely BT Hoem. Halvorsen will be a strong candidate for another U23 win, so I guess he should concentrate on that. But, yes, August Jensen might have secured 9 riders for Norway and his own place on that team. Very important win indeed.

Many other contenders for a place on the team. Sindre Lunke, Anders Skaarseth, maybe even Sondre Holst Enger if he can find any sort of form.
Jun 30, 2014
The final stage was pretty good, and Dylan was impressive.
Tromsø would make for a great WC, with the same road part and then this circuit and the rather low temperatures that you can expect at that time of the year it would be a great race.
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