Arctic Race of Norway 2022 (August 11-14)

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It is completely normal to have that kind of summer weather around at least the northern Baltic Sea area. :p However, that doesn't mean it is a prevalent weather every summer . Although at least shorter periods of that type of weather do occur in every summer. I live about 200k south of Helsinki and here it only takes the wind to turn into "right" direction - usually northwest - for daily max temperatures to plummet below 20C. Specially in early summer when the Arctic hasn't yet warmed up and the air flowing from there is freezing cold. In July and early August the cooling effect of the Arctic is not that dramatic, but when circumstances play out in a suitable way, a prolonged period of around 15 C summer weather with cold winds, cloudy skies and drizzling cold rain is entirely possible even in July.

This summer has been much better than that though. And currently forecasts show 30C heat here early next week, but I haven't checked if that reaches the northern shore of the gulf too.
That will most likely suit me fine coming out if 8-20 degree Sydney winters
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I doubt Groenewegen did anything wrong - Hit a grass verge on the edge of the road causing him to lose traction which caused a chain reaction - I'm more interested in BEX 2023 recruit Blake Quick who finished 4th in the stage - Followed Groenewegen's wheel in the last 200 metres before dropping away in the last 50 metres.
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A top 10 with a Giro stage winner, a Tour stage winner, a former U23 World Champion, the 2nd placed in this year's Liege-Bastogne-Liege, a former top-10 GC placed in the Vuelta is a bad top-10 for a pro race?

Yeah come on you can call almost every WT pro rider good if you're gonna put the labels like u23 WC and top 10 Vuelta on Bystrom and Hagen lol. They're all decent, but it's just not good at all. This race is missing a big name or 2 to make it exciting.