Armstrong Served? (decode this tweet)

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I also received a lot of antagonism for daring to have an opinion - mostly from US readers. I could not understand why people (only a small minority), who grew up in the so-called land of freedom were so intent on repressing free speech. After all it was your choice to click the link and there was no charge for doing so. But still I received many threatening and nasty E-mails on a regular basis. My employer (the University) was harassed. And lately these nasty types have been trying to encourage my sponsors to stop supporting the site. I guess these types wear white hoods around the place at times too. It made me understand how McCarthyism thrived in the USA. Lucky I live in a free society I thought.
When anyone asks why all the hate for Armstrong, he's just another doper like all the rest the answer is in stories like this - which is just one of many.

Hate is just a logical human reaction to someone who does this to others and apparently is proud of it.
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