Athlete "Hall of Shame" Top 10

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basil usa said:
mike tyson was convicted of rapping a girl that went on a date with him, to his hotel room, removed her tampon and then slept well that night. Oh and she cried rape against her first boyfriend and the da was a known racist and four jurors asked for a retrial, and evidence was withheld... Check out some facts from his trial: Scary. Kobe got done wrong too. He wasn't convicted, but lost some serious cash and made this list for not rapping a girl.

muerdago11 said:
you sir are a scumbag. Tyson raped (not "rapped" you f**king illiterate baboon)
Aug 16, 2012
Paco_P said:
Unfortunately it's not a list of the top 10 dopers. So it contains a murderer, several rapists, guys who threw baseball games for gamblers, etc...

As much as I dislike doping, I don't think it compares to murder or rape.
Jones is much worse than Tiger Woods