Australian Crime Commission investigation finds widespread doping

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Mar 13, 2009
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FoxxyBrown1111 said:
And then? Assume Ess players are banned... Would the AFL let it happen to get hit pretty hard, one of their most attracting teams downsized to the 2nd coming of the GWS Giants (of the past). :confused:
Juve were relegated right? In Serie A.

well we dont have relegation, there is only one league like the NFL or NBA.

I dont know, if I think of an answer that is worthy, I will give you a response. It is a paradox tho, might only have an ad-hoc response. Even tho I said ad-hoc, I am sure the AFL are thinking about the response.

One option, withdraw from WADA (if they get 2 years), and suffer the consequences from Canberra and the Australian Government. They "rent seek" and get some revenue for the AFL for "junior development programs".

The team could still field a team. It is just a $hit team of 40, like you suggested, they would be hopeless for a few years. I think this is actually the most likely option, but watch the powerful people behind Essendon lobby and attempt to control the media to ameliorate the worst consequences, so in the domestic Aus sport-media, there will be many trial balloons floated about withdrawing from WADA, but these will all be "stories" that powerful people from Essendon who have employed and paid lobbyists and spin-doctors to seed these stories into the media. Think Edward Bernays, media control. K-Street Washington.

but your guess will be as good as mine.