Bardet & Pinot: The Great French Hope(s)

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After today, I think we may get to see no fewer than TWO sub-25 Frenchmen on the podium in Paris. Ho-lee sheeeet. French Rennessaince, indeed.

Someone mentioned earlier that Pinot's TT has improved this year. If that's the case, he may be a better bet for the podium than Bardet, especially if TJVG has a couple of strong days in the mountains and rides a good TT. I also keep thinking that Bardet is going to deep, but so far he's come through each time. So who knows. :confused:
I like both them but I've got kind of an obsession for Bardet. Reminds me of Aru in a way, but probably less of a pure climber. I'd love to see him in the Giro, where he'd probably have a more realistic shot at the win in years to come, especially if the big4 all target the Tour.
Oct 23, 2011
Pinot for me all the way.

After today I'm afraid AG2R will get rid of him on the descent of Port de Bales though.

But Bardet seems to be a libeable rider too though! I would be happy with either one/both on the podium.
Afrank said:
He's had a few decent rides; 9th overall at the Volta, 8th at Strade Bianche, I remember seeing him in a few other breakaways and doing some good rides.

He wanted to do the Tour this year but Giant didn't select him for the team. Will probably do the Vuelta, so watch for him there.
He might even get a little support at the Vuelta. Will be very interested to see how he goes.


Absolutely loving the Pinot vs Bardet duel that's going on right now. Perhaps the most exciting thing about the Tour, although it is now spilling over into a bigger battle for 2nd in general which is great.

I think I'm rooting for Bardet to win out, but both of them have been brilliant.
Pinot laying down an early marker this year. Arguably the biggest GC winner on the day, though considering what's to come, Nibali is better positioned to capitalize on his slight gains.

Whatever the case, time to revive the French Renaissance thread. ^_^

EDIT: Oops, didn't see the Pinot thread.