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Beer Fight!

I know I'm breaking forum etiquette bye starting a topic that is only quasi related to cycling but unlike http://www.chaoscyclingclub.com where we chatter about other "cultural" issues, Beer is a popular topic since there is nothing better than a nice pint after a ride or watching cycling.

You Europeans may have a history of better beer but I gotta say we Americans have come a long and I say, especially in Colorado I couldn't have it any better.

I haven't made up my mind what I'll be drinking while I watch Flanders but odds are it will be something tasty from my home boys at Bristol Brewing in Colorado Springs, maybe a laughing lab which is a fantastic Scottish Ale or maybe a heavier Oatmeal Stout from Breckenridge Brewing.

Either way I say American's now have it better! What say you?
Probably this tasty little lager called Session, from Full Sail in Oregon. Mmm-mm!

But for a tasty brew near home, check out Uinta Brewing's Cutthroat Pale Ale. It's out of Salt Lake City, and quite exceptional. If I were still living there it would be Cutthroat--hands down.
TRDean said:
Good Old Pabst Blue Ribbon here in Old North Carolina!! Say what you will...but it got that ribbon for a reason.

for those who love PRB, here is another reason. They support pro cycling!

keep an eye on Mafia Racing. Mostly Cross and MTB but exploring an expansion into Road racing. Plus they are friends of Chaos!:cool:

CX squad at KCCX US Cross Nationals