Best and Worst National Champs jerseys

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And one more addition to our expanding gallery: Slovenia's Jan Tratnik

BTW the team's jersey is red so this is not just adding flag accross the chest to their regular jersey. But still, rather unusual choice of black as the background colour.
HelloDolly said:
Armchair cyclist said:
**** the quick said:
Nicholas Roche will wear this jersey:
And special paint job on the bike, according to his twitter feed.
Alot of work for 3/4 races at most
Ireland is a reasonably important market for their sponsor. Roche is quite high profile for an athlete in a niche sport. Photos of him in a very visible national rig out are quite likely to be used to illustrate a few cycling stories in the press. Why not take advantage? I'm sure Pinarello regard even a couple of "check out Nicolas Roche's garish bike" stories on cycling websites as worth the cost of a coat of paint.
Jul 16, 2010

hrotha said:
Does the Latvian federation regulate what their nat champ jersey must look like?
If only the Italian federation did. We could have had the best champ in many years, but that jersey... Uhh...
Roche's Irish champions jersey looks better in reality than it did from the drawings. The only problem with it is that the shamrock is a bit too restrained. It should be entirely white, given that it is against a green background. Good to see black shorts. When I heard that he was getting a special helmet and shoes I was slightly concerned that he'd have some obscene green, white and orange shorts.
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LaFlorecita said:
carolina said:
another terrible jersey by tinkoff
Looks like they want the same design for the British champ jersey but the British federation doesn't approve. Blythe still hasn't received his kit.
Which is actually quite ironic, since the British champ kit is totally useless anyway. A little union jack on the Tinkoff jersey would probably even be an improvement to that nonsense design. No matter how ugly it would look.
Despite the design of the national champs jerseys in britain not actually being a british flag (more dutch than british) (despite the Portuguese jersey being the wrong green, it actually has the shield), this one for Hannah Barnes by Canyon sram is very simple but good:

Same with her sister's under 23 jersey by Drops (same design (in terms of sponsors) as the junior champ):