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Best cycling clothing?

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Mar 22, 2010
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Another iconic cycling gear maker that surprisingly hasn't been mentioned,... What about De Marchi? ... Anyone? ... Bueller?

my favorite jersey is a demarchi (titanium model or some such idiotic name), but am now a little too girthy to dare to wear it in daylight. It's a little nit to pick, but I don't get why a zippered rear pocket is as uncommon as it is. this one has one (as do a classique jersey I have). Also like a full zip jersey.

Has anyone heard about x-bionic/apani?

The prices make assos look pretty cheap and they claim unbelievable temperature control properties and a very nice feature was on sports science (a tv show). Seen some awesome reviews, especially of the fennec line, but funds are wayyy too low to justify it...yet.