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Best forum memes

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Best and funniest forum meme

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Not a forum meme, but I'm gonna post this one here because it's rather fitting:

Works for the Italian football team too.
I am pretty sure "at which stage of the Vuelta will Anton crash out" was my first troll thread.

*** I was an awful poster. I think Ive come a long way, now im just bad

Vuelta a Burgos was always a magnificent period, seeing Anton coming from a shitty season to a random top-5 or top-10 in Lagunas de Neila and saying this year is gonna be finally his year again in the Vuelta only to get all hope shattered again in the first HTF.

But time waits for no one and a hero must go for another to take his place, and at least now we have Landa to fill that spot.