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BMC statement on Frei A EPO positive

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Oct 25, 2009
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Big GMaC said:
He is taking the 4 with a good chance of a contract at the other end, rather than the 6 with no hope...

2 years actually (and a fine of 1500 swiss francs = one fifth of what the Fed asked for)
Nov 17, 2009
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Benotti69 said:
wonder how much he spent on PED's for this season and nothing to show for it :rolleyes: do they keep in the freezer:D

Well, he had a job to show for it.

Some riders dope to be able to win races. Others have to dope just to be good enough to make a pro team.

I think there are an extremely small number of riders who are on pro-teams but don't dope. Those are the guys who would be good enough to win bigger races if they weren't doping, but instead don't dope and are still good enough to be domestiques instead.