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Bob Roll interviewed on the Armstrong scandal.

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Any American rider? Or do you mean PT level rider?

Andy Bishop was very likely clean. Career wiped away in the mid 90s, outspoken against doping. Though you could argue he is from the LeMond/Hampsten mindset & era. If you're looking for a PT pro American who raced every race clean around 1994-2008...
Aug 17, 2009
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God I hated Bob Roll and his swarmy smile, and Tour Day France. It wasn't a love to hate which I have for some, it was just get this guy off the air! So I don't care what this clown has to say now.
Jun 26, 2012
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ebandit said:
are such observers rob roll , stuey etc shocked at the evidence in the usada
report...............or shocked that perpetrators have been 'found out'
Or shocked at the lengths lance went to cover it up
thinkyoursopretty said:
stop... please, just stop... Bob Roll deserves his own thread here here the same way Lance Armstrong deserves public speaking appearance on 10/20/12...

I like Rob. But, he let us all down.

Once upon a time he was the marquee rider for LeMond's mountain bikes.

How far has he fallen since?