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Books on cycling

Maybe you can give a spot review when you‘ce read some or it?
Yeah could be fun. If I end up reading it again I will post some stuff here.

It contained some funny stuff like Michele Scarponi apparently being all terminator-mode in MSR and telling Gilbert "I'll see you on the Poggio" after making his miraculous return to the front group (caught behind a fall or something).
Also Leukemans really, really wanted to buy Brabantse Pijl according to Gilbert.
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This is less a rec and more a warning: Kenny Pryde's The Medal Factory - a look-back-with-Pryde account of British Cycling's history from 1995 through to 2019 - has finally appeared in paperback, two-and-a-half years after its original publication. And instead of being updated for those two years with a new chapter tacked on at the back, it's actually shorter than it was before, six pages having been cut from the original after Nicole Cooke took the publishers to the High Court.

A question for you: how much of BC's current problems - the recent PR missteps, the changes of personnel at the top of the organisation - is a product of the bullying accusations that Jess Varnish initiated in 2016? People like Pryde dismiss Varnish and other critics of BC, try to suggest they were whingers who had no impact, but looking at the organisation today, those critics do seem to have landed some strong blows on the fed, no?
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Finally got round to reading Dan Martin's book. As I expected quite open and not afraid to highlight what he considers poor management and leadership from his various teams..
Interestingly only good things about Quick Step especially Patrick.
What did you think of the writing? Too lyrical and romantic to be Martin, more like Carrey, or did it feel like it was Martin speaking to you?