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Jun 22, 2009
Thanks to Merckx and Alpe for bringing back the memories of these great names from a time when I used to follow the sport!:cool:

Sad news today, RIP Teofilo Stevenson, probably the greatest amateur heavyweight ever with three Olympic golds, and a man who turned down millions to fight Ali. Always had enormous respect and admiration for him.
Floyd wants out

Give me a break:

Twelve days into his three-month jail sentence on a domestic battery count, undefeated champion boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. is asking to go home.

Or he contends he may never fight again.

An emergency motion obtained by the Las Vegas Review-Journal shows Mayweather's lawyers will ask Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Melissa Saragosa as early as today that the former Olympic bronze medal winner be allowed to serve the remainder of his sentence on house arrest.

The 35-year-old's physical conditioning is deteriorating under the stress of being jailed at the Clark County Detention Center, and he is being held in "inhumane conditions," lawyer Richard Wright said in the motion filed Monday.
The 35-page motion, which included affidavits from Mayweather's co-manager, Leonard Ellerbe, and personal physician Dr. Robert Voy, stated that if Mayweather remained in jail, it would threaten his career. He had planned on fighting for at least two more years, according to the motion.
This from a guy who has already “retired” more than once. Who comes out of retirement, fights one or two fights, then takes off for eighteen months.

Voy determined Mayweather is consuming less than 800 calories a day. He is eating fruit, bread and energy bars bought at the commissary. Under his normal daily training routine the boxer consumes between 3,000 and 4,000 calories.

Voy also investigated Mayweather's ability to exercise. He found Mayweather has no room to exercise in jail, and he is not allowed to use the training areas because he is in isolation.

"After examining Mr. Mayweather, Dr. Voy was concerned with Mr. Mayweather's dehydrated appearance, his lack of muscle tone and his dry mucus membranes," the motion said.

Voy also "expressed deep concern for Mr. Mayweather's health and explained that any lengthy period of time with an inappropriate diet, coupled with lack of regular exercise, will most likely lead to irreversible damage to Mr. Mayweather's physique," the motion said.
Irreversible? I really doubt that. I think this is more of an emotional than physical issue.

Voy was concerned that Mayweather was withdrawing into depression and developing anger issues that he normally can "dissipate" through his exercise routine.
Oh, yeah, Floyd has proved in the past that he is very good at “dissipating” his anger issues. That’s why he’s in jail in the first place.

Wright said in the motion that Mayweather would be willing to work with jail officials to find "an appropriate location" to serve house arrest if the judge agreed. It's unclear whether the appropriate location would be Mayweather's 12,000-square-foot mansion in the ritzy Southern Highlands development. The mansion sports a walk-in closet bigger than his jail cell.
How convenient.

The problem seems to be that Mayweather thought he would be in isolation only temporarily, not for the entire sentence. For a highly active guy, I'm sure cooped up in a small room 23 hours a day is pretty tough. But, hey, that's jail. Of course it's unpleasant. But it's not like that there aren't exercises he could do even in a small space. And I doubt very much that even if he just lay in bed all day there would be any irreversible changes in his physique. People break limbs and spend weeks in traction, and are no worse for the wear when they get out of bed again.

Am I missing something here?

More on Bradley-Pacquiao:

Super middleweight boxing champion Andre Ward says that if he was Tim Bradley, he would give back the WBO welterweight title belt to Manny Pacquiao…

"It was a ridiculous decision," said Ward, who was at the fight. "Bradley lost the majority of the rounds. If it was me personally, I would admit defeat and say, 'Here's your belt back.'"

"There was nothing there, nothing to suggest it was even close," Ward said. "If you were being generous, extremely generous, maybe you could give Tim four rounds and he loses 8-4. I love Tim, he is a friend of mine, but he has to know that he lost that fight."
Read more:

While I initially thought Bradley should do that, the problem is, where do you draw the line? There are a lot of fights where the majority of onlookers think the decision was wrong. Is the winner supposed to hand back the belt every time? Many people thought Marquez beat Pacquiao, should Pacquiao have given him the belt? How wrong does the decision have to appear?

Of course if the declared winner honestly feels he lost, then I think that would be a nice gesture. But Bradley apparently now says he watched film of the fight and thinks he won. Whether he really believes that or not, he clearly is not going to engage in an act of conscience.

Another writer has suggested that for title fights, there should be more judges, seven instead of three. This will make it very unlikely that by random chance the judges could come to a decision at odds with most other people. Of course if the sport is corrupt that won’t help (just make it more expensive to bribe the judges), but it would probably reduce the number of close decisions that seem wrong and are honestly made.
Jan 15, 2011
Alpe d'Huez said:
Props to both for actually fighting. Don't know how long it will last, but here's the KO on YouTube.

Still not in any hurry to watch Haye take on the other Klitschko. The way Haye did nothing against Wald, a fight with Vitali could be even more dull.
Haye proved his credit, he levelled Chisora in skills and technique and outsmarted him as well. And as being a huge fan of Vitali I'm eager to see the fight against Hay, simply he seems to be the only real tough opponent.

Now waiting for Khan x Garcia fight, should be an exciting one.
Mar 19, 2009
Alpe d'Huez said:
Props to both for actually fighting. Don't know how long it will last, but here's the KO on YouTube.

Still not in any hurry to watch Haye take on the other Klitschko. The way Haye did nothing against Wald, a fight with Vitali could be even more dull.
well vitali fights a lot differently from wladimir he always holds his arms low and he goes to fight he is still a bit defensive but he goes for the win and the knockout too he is slowing down now and is old, he also does not mind getting hit, I always thought haye had a much better chance v vitali than agaisnt wladimir the way wladimir fights makes it almost impossible for a guy like haye to beat him wlad will just jab jab jab jab jab right hand and if the small man gets close lean on him and tire him out, wlad is too big and not stupid enough anymore to be beaten by these fellows.. Vitali can be caught and usually is :S and seeing as he is slower and older I think haye could beat him, I hope he doesnt because vitali at his best would do to haye what he did to herbie hide :S
May 19, 2012

Alpe d'Huez said:
If they let him out, then they should let everyone else out as well. After all, jail is difficult on their physique too, and makes it difficult for them to continue their careers.

if I'm not mistaken, people in prison are generally much healthier than they were on the outside. Regular meals, sleep and decreased illicit drug intake make them live longer than they otherwise would.

I think Mayweather's problem is that he's in the jail and it's to risky to mix him with the regular population.

If he was in some minimum security prison it would be much better. Being locked up 23 hours a day is pretty rough. I'm not saying he doesn't deserve to be incarcerated.
palmerq said:
well vitali fights a lot differently from wladimir.
Good analysis. Vitali has a better chin though, which allows him to fight like that. As I said before, I think it's going to take a pressure fighter to beat either one, as they both tend to throw jabs to keep the fight at bay, and when it gets close they hold to stall and get the ref to reset so they can go back to jabbing. Both throw mostly arm punches, but get away with it because of their size.

In order for Haye to beat Vitali he would have to get lower than he is, and be constantly moving forward with his hands busy. I don't see him fighting like that very often, but in theory he could do it, and wear Vitali out, and not wait for overhand openings to the head, with the way Vitali fights, they could be there.
Thanks for the link. I agree with what he said about Ali. The irony is, Tyson's win over Holmes was akin to Holmes win over Ali. Great champions in the past who should not have been fighting. But like what Mike said, Ali was the greatest to me because of what wasn't on the stat list. Heart, guts, determination, character. Maybe someone like Joe Louis would have beaten him. But That doesn't matter, because Ali was greater than that. He was bigger than boxing. Bigger than sports.
Mar 18, 2009
Ferminal said:
Congrats JMM, you deserve it.
This is what happens when you get your locker room pep talk from Mitt Romney. What a downer that must have been. What was Paquiao thinking?

No one mentioned that 'Macho' Comacho was shot in the face and killed a few weeks ago.
Jan 15, 2011
movingtarget said:
That's boxing. It only takes one punch. Just as Pac Man looked to be getting on top he was hit with a great punch. Lights out.
Yep. See it the same way.