Brandon McNulty is the Next Great American Hope Thread

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Of course he's got more upside than Kuss.
At McNulty's age Kuss biggest result was winning a stage in the Tour de Beauce. He didn't ride a convincing GT until he was 25.

And McNulty is a much more complete rider anyway: he's a great TTer, can climb, he's a great descender/bike handler (as proven in last year's Giro di Sicilia) and packs a decent sprint. Kuss is as monodimensional as they come.
Agree. McNulty seems to have all the tools.

By the same token Kuss ought to work on his TT. He's the rare American for whom it's not a strength. To be fair I'm not sure how many tts he's done with a race on the line, either so he might be pretty good.
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