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Cadel Evan's swipe at Valverde

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auscyclefan94 said:
You ride to win or help a team mate to win. Contador was doing neither.

Aus in the end, as was posted earlier, Evans lost not because of anything Contador did but because he couldn't follow Valverde when he attacked on Ventoux. I'm sure in your experiences in watching races and even racing if you do so you find that there are alliances made between riders of different teams. Not that this was one of those cases but you cultivate these alliances over time and it can lead to an advantage that a competitor may not have. Your belief that it is in some way unethical or unfair is not based in the reality of the sport. In the end Contador announced prior to the Dauphine that he was not there to compete for the overall, only as prep for the Tour. His riding showed that. What better way to guage your form than against the rider that was closest to you in the gc of your last Tour? Contador was simply riding his race. The fact that his goals for the Dauphine weren't conducive to an Evans victory seems to be of great concern to you. Valverde in turn would have been foolish not to take advantage of the situation presented before him.

Evans rode a strong Dauphine but simply wore himself out needlessly by attacking off the front against his competitors instead of at least attempting to use the element of surprise.
Apr 16, 2009
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Boeing said:
dude was crying on the podium calling for his wifey. "ADRIAN...ADRIAN...Yo Adrian we did it"

Now, now. Don't take it so badly. I know it's hard for your accept that CE is the World Champion. CE's tears of joy contrast with your sour arsed weeping.
Sep 9, 2009
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blackcat said:
one has to remember, Cadel has been quite content to get support from Horner, Popovych, Kohl and Dekker.

All those guys are chargers, albeit Horner and Popo have not been implicated.

Depends on what you mean by "implicated," I guess. Does former teammates outing you as having a fridge full of dope count?