Can greipel hold onto the jersey over Wilunga Hill

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I really dont see what all the fuss is about over this willunga hill..

3 kilometres
227 metre elevation
and average gradient of 7.6%

surely most top level pros should cope fine with it..?

But, optimistically hopefull of a split.. It will be whichever team gets the most riders over i guess..


I reckon Piti has a crack on willunga. Evans will try to go with him plus maybe Cardoso and Matty Lloyd.

Watch Armstrong get dropped by Evans on the 3km climb second time over..Sorry Lance, but you look like you're wasting alot of energy down under

Interesting to see Valv and Evans so far up on GC. But if HTC keep they're (((hey grammar police,I wrote THEY'RE instead of THEIR ))) cool, then I doubt more than 10 seconds can be gained back, unless the 5-6 guys that rip it up on Ol' Willunga work together.. Evans and Valv work together? Don't think so
Greipel's Chances

As far as I am concerned barring accidents Greipel has already won the TDU. He has a strong team behind him and has survived this stage before. It is a sprinters stage race as everyone knows. There are never too many surprises in the TDU. Early season, minimal hills and short stages.
Mar 13, 2009
Did this really warrant a separate thread? Clearly should and would be discussed in the Stage 5 thread... Anyhow, I digress.
Zerak-Tul said:
Lol, nice ad hominem. I'll just assume the blue dude on the left is heiling so I can invoke godwin and be done with it.

Let me begin:


BTW, you started it.