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Cancellara and the Hour Record

Should Cancellara go after the Hour Record?

  • No, he wouldn't be able to break either.

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With all the talk on Spartacus and his powers, and comparisons, I think it's the prime moment for Cancellara to go after the Hour Record. He could either take on Ondřej Sosenka's 49.7km distance on a track bike, with the goal of breaking the 50km barrier; or go after Chris Boardman's superhuman 56.375 "best human effort" (aero) that has stood for 13 years now, with no one even daring attempt to challenge it.

One one rider today, or even within the last decade, could beat either, or both records. Fabian Cancellara, and with the way he completely crushed everyone at the Worlds, cruising across the finish line, now's the time for him to do it.


Definately both!!

I also think he should do it soon, as I suspect that he starts specifically targeting shorter stage-races and hilly classics in the next few years, in which case he'd lose some raw power to lose weight...
Mar 13, 2009
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I'm all for the hour, but I have serious douts about getting the boardman human effort. The superman was the key...it would take something special to get close in any other position, and takes awesome flexibility to hold it for an hour. Just look at the pursuit times with and without the superman.
Cancellara has exceptional flexibility according to the Specialized bike fitters but they've a vested interest in saying that

Can someone give a good link to the different specs etc for bikes positions for the various records. Thought I was reasonably clear on it but reading Wiki on the UCI hour has confused me some:confused:
Aug 6, 2009
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Animal said:
Yeah I know.

What I mean is I'm very suspicious of a no-mark who just appears, breaks the blue riband event of track cycling, and then sinks into obscurity again.

Come on. Don't be so cynical. It's not like he's tested positive. Twice.
Animal said:
I'd like to see him kick Sosenka off the top. I mean who the hell is he?
Cerberus said:
Come on. Don't be so cynical. It's not like he's tested positive. Twice.

And is probably banned for life.

Probably another good reason to try for the UCI record.

python said:
i thought the superman's position was banned by the uci :confused:.
No, not for the "Human Effort" (HE). When they banned the Superman, they soon after implemented the track bike "official" record. Then created the aero "HE" rule, which would thus allow the superman.

Though Canc has what seems to be the perfect aero tuck on a TT bike, I think he'd have a great shot at the official record held by Sosenka, and even breaking 50km. On the other hand, Boardman's record is way, way out there. Chris also went all out when he set the HE record, and was in obvious discomfort from both the Superman position, and exhausted from putting out the most he possible could. This record was also set in his absolute prime. I think it would be harder for Spartacus to take this one out, but he'd have as good of shot as anyone, probably for the next several years.

But watching him freewheel across the line in the Worlds like that, so far out ahead of everyone that he could just relax for the last few hundred meters - I've never seen anything like that in my life. I wouldn't put it past him to break any record at this point in his career.