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Cancellara motorized attacks?

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Jun 19, 2009
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Frank Tuesday said:
Sorry, I don't understand what you are getting at. I don't see any relation from my post that you quoted and what you have typed here.

None really. Just used it as a segue to a nonsense post. How you doin'?
Mar 10, 2009
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Even before this fiasco, which as a mechanical engineer working with high level technology and materials, I'm not willing to dismiss completely ... I'm not pointing fingers either, but .... until you fully understand what the littlest things can achieve at the highest levels using the highest technology and materials ... look into some F1 widgets .... it's pure unrefined unobtainium stuff, but Riis has always been a big one on the best equipment and technology - remember what he used to say about Cervelo and hand-picking components and suppliers ... if it was ever going to be any team, any manager ....

My point is that I've not been comfortable since the early season photos of FC's little decal on his top tube ... what's the psychology behind the 'roll the dice' motif ???

Then the spring just made me queasy ... I mean, I LOVED watching on TV and was glued to the screen - but the little voices inside ......
May 29, 2010
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Archibald said:
the cycling version of that Darwin Award winner with the JATO cannister attached to his car (if that was real)...
Archibald:....the truth is scary.
Does Cancellara pedal like Anquetil ?

On a forum about training with power meters, one guy wrote a lot about a pedaling style he called 'linear pedaling' or something. He always used Jacques Anquetil as example. I have no direct knowledge, but from trying to pedal the way he described, I believe it was something about pushing forward on top and pulling back in the low. (in addition to the up down pump of course). I can produce more power like this, but my hobbyist legs can't keep it for more than a few minutes. For me it works as good or better than going out of the saddle to crunch small hills and to regain speed/accellerate.

All the talk about cancellara's seated acceleration/sprint - could it be that he has learned the secret of Anquetil and used linear pedaling. (I do not remember the details or username of the guy writign about this - sorry).

Concerning the two races in question, I watched (and rewatched) the races, and do not see any reason to find alternative explannations to Cancellara's wins. He was certainly among the strongest on the day. His speciality is to ride tempo, so the objective for him was to get a gap and keep going. On the muur he got this gap by having the right gear (and of course being very strong. Someone in a blog calculated he would need some 1200-1400W for 6 seconds.I as a hoby-rider can put out 1kW for 5sec - a professional should be able to do that even after the initial 200mk of a race). In roubaix, he got the gap because Boonen blundered and the rest were a bunch of sissies.