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Carlos Betancur discussion thread

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He'll come back stronger. Still not the age of Cavendish. I still have hope.

And while many ridicule him, I like him for the reasons Luckyboy gave. He actually tried hard to get back into shape (like that Giro where he had some 2nd places in some stages, and that Vuelta where an unnamed American rider who doesn't seem to be able to hold his handlebar, made him crash and DNF while he seemed to be lean and in very good shape), long after his Paris-Nice win and after he had some ups and very deep downs (with overweight and being homesick).
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He was always good when it was cold and the weather horrible, see also the whole 2013 Giro and the snowy LBL won by Poels when he was doing lots of work for Valverde.
He had extra calories stored somewhere!! :D
Sorry I couldn't help it.

It is a pity. I heard in a Podcast that Colombia Tierra de Atletas made him an offer that he didn't find attractive and decided to retire. The drop from Movistar wages (even if low) are huge when you go to ride in Colombia. You have to understand that this is Colombia and salaries for Athletes are really, really low when you compare to Europe. The team told him that the offer is still open if he decides to race. :)
Despite media rumours to the contrary, he has not retired, simply having "un stop".

View: https://twitter.com/cabg1989/status/1382887560846974978
Seems like he has decided to retire without telling us, despite that promise.

Judging by the photo, still in high level racing, but now working as the litter zone.

(credit to @DNP-Old for finding the pic)