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Carmichael and Leadville 100

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Mar 13, 2009
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BroDeal said:
Pretty much all endurance events that run into capacity problems use lotteries. The problem with an auction is that you will quickly price out the people whose lifestyle the event supposedly reflects. A Colorado race made up of a bunch of suits from New York does not have the same street cred as one that is mostly made up of hardcore granola types.

That was point if you missed it. If you want the best guys, set a qualifying standard. If you want a cross section of people, run a lottery. If you want those most keen, first in first served. If you want to make money, auction the places. These spots for CTS folk are obviously to make money, so be open about it auction the spots.
Jun 19, 2009
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flicker said:
Old style. Ride the bike slow many many miles. When I see pros and cat 1+2 they ride slow a lot. When they ride fast they ride very fast.

What I like about Carmicheal is the speed at which ball- could go uphill.

I do want to try his 7 hour per week training book. Its only 19.99.

...and it won't cost your left, or right nut. I don't know which one as I've never been down there.