Cavendish Vs Kittel 2015

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TMP402 said:
Since Kittel appears not to have a dedicated thread(?!), this one will do: he won the bunch sprint for 6th in Rund um Koln yesterday but wasn't dominant and didn't look entirely comfortable. But can he seriously not do the TDF?
If Giant want green then no Degenkolb is the much surer bet.
Dec 8, 2012
Cavendish has won 40+ GT stages, a WC, a monument, a heap of other races. He's only just hit 30 and doesn't appear to be carrying any lingering injuries. I doubt he'll ever dominate the sprints like he did during his hey-day, but then precious few sprinters ever have. People should write him off at their own peril.

If nothing else, he deserves a bit more respect than he's being shown in this thread.