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Cervelo rs?

Jun 13, 2010
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Hope to get some advice. I am currently on a BMC race master and love the bike, but being...older(39)I am having some comfort issues when riding over 3 hrs. I am looking at a cervelo rs, I do race on occasion and was wondering if anyone has experience with this bike. Thanks.
Comfort is a function of bike fit and less so a function of the bike. So if perchance the Cervelo rs fits YOU better it will enable you to ride longer/faster and feel more refreshed. Have you considered a custom fitted/built bike?
I have ridden the Cervelo and it's a sweet bike to be sure. The BMC race Master (which you like), I have NOT ridden sounds awesome too.
Comfort has a lot more factors than just the frame. What wheels are you riding? What size tires? What pressure? Saddle? Shorts? Positioning? Flexibility? Core strength? Where are you getting sore? Once you have dealt with these factors and you are still not comfortable then look at a new frame. What makes you think that the Cervelo would be more comfortable? (besides marketing claims that are not substantiated by any actual data)

Take your time and work out the source of your problem before you go and buy a new frame. You will be sad when you get a new bike and are just as sore after 3 hours.
Jun 8, 2009
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Agreed. Comfort is mostly a function of fit, fit, fit and tire pressure, choice of tires, saddle etc. A flexy seatpost can help too.

Given all lengths eg. Scott has gone to, to get 0.8 mm compliance out of the new CR1, it seems obvious that the difference on frames is not very big.