Chat: Fleche Wallone live!

Mar 13, 2009
Rebellin was pure class going up the Mur in the saddle then predictably, but beautifully, jumping away from Cadel and ASchleck. What a performer.
Apr 18, 2009
I'm amazed - Rebellin often finds a way to get second, but "complimenti" in any case... that's a classy win for his last year of racing.
Mar 10, 2009
fantastic for the guy who owns the team too - forget his name. savvi? have read a few of his articles and he's got a genuine love of cycling and cyclists. good on 'em.
Thanks to David for putting together a live race chat site. Hopefully we can get a bunch of people to click on his bikechatter link and join us for Leige.

thoughts on the race:

Cadel's dig just before the Mur probably cost him the podium and possibly the win. His Mur attack was lacking a bit and might have been a tad early. But at least Cadel is an animator in these races.

You never even saw Rebellin at the front until when it counted - smart racing, classy rider. Have to admit, I wasn't sure he still had it in himself the win.

I think A Schleck will be a real danger man on Sunday as I think the longer climbs will suit him.

Some other contenders looked strong but blew their load with their breakaway before the Mur - Kroon, Scarponi, Kreuz, Pfann, Rodriguez. They were toast when the climb came.

I love that Fleche finish!
Yep Rebellin showed his experience by sitting in until the time was right. Evans' attack was reminiscent of last year except it seemed even earlier and more ill-timed. Maybe he'll get it right next year. He seemed to have gotten the proverbial jimmy-legs and couldn't hold back.
Mar 30, 2009
cougie said:
Rebellin made it look very easy ! Didnt even seem out of breath at the end.

Just like the Saunier Duval boys last Tour.

If something looks too easy - they're doping.

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