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Teams & Riders Cian Uijtdebroeks - From the wetlands to the top of cycling

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Random question: how come some rider topics show an image in the overview, but this one just has my own avatar.
Go to the OP and click on the dots to get the option "Choose thumbnail".

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Random question: how come some rider topics show an image in the overview, but this one just has my own avatar.
Thank you for the thread @Wvv ...It was well deserved. I think Blobloblo will slowly improve. He's already a wonderful climber (even if his style is unorthodox), and his descending will automatically get better with time. In my opinion it will be the TT abilities that weill either transform him into a great rider or not overall.
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It works if you use the thumbnail size of the image. So add this image to the OP: https://cdn.directvelo.com/mediacache/photo/uploads/media/photos/6309168e76e8b_thumb.JPG

You may have to reload the page to add it as thumbnail. Afterwards, you can delete the little image in the OP and still have a thumbnail for the thread.

It also doesn't work when you resize the image in your first post. The image will then not show up in the thumbnail options. So make sure your first post is saved without the image resized before adding the thumbnail. After adding the thumbnail, you can resize if you want.

These infos helped, thanks. But apparently you can't alter it after choosing one? :sweatsmile:
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Yes you should normally. But you always need to put the new image in the first post, without resizing, and save the post before you can change the thumbnail.
And i think it has to be a clean URL to the actual image, not to a page of an imagehost.
Tweaked my way out of it. Apparently CN doesn't like Imgur.

Cheers u guys. Mods can delete these couple of posts, if they like.
Mas could actually be 2nd best, multiple times.

The problem I see for Uijtdebroecks is that he has many weaknesses but inconsistency isn't one of them. In other words, he doesn't have these positive outlier performances, he just grinds his way to a top 10 spot everywhere. To me that makes it more likely he has a limited ceiling.
Yeah that's the main issue.
Bad days can happen to almost anyone, but I'm worried that Uijtdebroeks good days are not good enough and he hasn't particularly improved since joining Visma.
There's still time of course, his big goal of the season comes in 5 weeks and that will tell us more. At the same time I wonder how much these guys who've been living like pros since forever can still improve. A bit like Ayuso.