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Teams & Riders Cian Uijtdebroeks - From the wetlands to the top of cycling

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Climbing in Tirreno wasnt bad though. Maybe just suffered from the weather yesterday.

He just looks very "ordinary". He is the type of rider that just hangs on and is solid/consistent, for the most part. Bad ITT is a handicup on the best GC riders. However, his climbing and not having super bad days in the high mountains will probably make him have a good chance to finish in the top 10, for the most part.

He will have a hard time winning races though if not getting either so strong that he drops everyone, becoming more explosive or getting better in the ITTs.
Seems like a new Jurgen Van Den Broek is his absolute ceiling. Got no winning trick and short of the best in every area.
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More charitably he could be the new Enric Mas
Mas could actually be 2nd best, multiple times.

The problem I see for Uijtdebroecks is that he has many weaknesses but inconsistency isn't one of them. In other words, he doesn't have these positive outlier performances, he just grinds his way to a top 10 spot everywhere. To me that makes it more likely he has a limited ceiling.
Uijtdebroeks not finishing in the top 10 of a GC.

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