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Clasica San Sebastián 30/7 - 220.2 km

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Re: Re:

TommyGun said:
rainman said:
Well deserved after his terrible luck in the Tour

He did not have the level to last 3 weeks, nothing to do with luck! Now, a very unlucky rider was Contador for instance.

He crashed on St. Gervais stage while he was in the wheel of Bardet. I think this is a litle bit unlucky

Samamba said:
Well done Mollema.

I feel bad for Gallopin, chasing with two of the biggest dickheads in the peloton.
Valverde put in a few pulls. Pretty shameful from Purito; although I guess he's so weak on the flat it wouldn't have made much difference. Not sure why he went so early on the climb; he should have waited for the last 500m like usual and tried to gap everyone there.