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Clean Colombians? (Arkea investigation page 27)

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I imagine most of the teams have them. They are for emergencies I imagine but we all know what they are for. Very hard to force the rule if that one time you have an emergency where your rider is compromised then they will be liable for negligence.
how could I disagree with what you posted? Difficult. So yes an emergency is an emergency.
There should be a protocol for possession of anything and everything intravenous,and it's non emergency use should be restricted.
Cycling is killing itself..it's a death of a thousand cuts.

Needles,syringes..should be rare,not routine or seen as regular.
Pro cycling,it's management,ownership and riders could all do themselves a favor by modeling after anybody else other than themselves..Pro soccer,men's or women's..Professional basketball and hockey are widespread..Cricket? Bowling? Car racing,motorcycle racing. For sure all sports have a level of drug use..the NFL has violations..monthly..
Cycling needs to figure out how to get it's products to market..get them on TV..get paid and get some parity ..
If you ask anybody walking in a western country and ask them about cycling..Lance maybe mentioned..a favorite rider..Tour d France..but doping or drug use will likely be a thing mentioned by many surveyed.
Why don't they think of pro golfers or Rugby players as dopers? NBA and gymnasts? Lewis Hamilton? Is F1 every thought of as a sport riddled with positive doping results?
Ask anyone about their favorite sport..next favorite and down the line..give them some kind of photo association exam..I will bet that you show a photo of a pro bike racer and a syringe..you will get some people saying that they go together..women's football or LeBron James..far fewer people associating needles and soccer or basketball s..
Only my opinion..
And medically,physically everything is equal,level. So if currently..saline or other replenishment therapy is needed using IV drip..and that was outlawed..racers,would go slower,recover more slowly..the removal of the apparatus as routine, would illuminate the judgement call by police and other investigate people as to what constitutes legal or illegal use of intravenous anything,needles and other medical devices.. The police discovery of medical devices..and cycling saying..no no there is a misunderstanding..all this stuff is part of pro bike racing is the problem..it should just stop..cut out the cancer
I am intrigued as to your definition of 'a western country'. France? Italy? Belgium?
Yes I would include all those countries and if you ask the casual cycling fan in Lyon,Bergamo,or Antwerp about bike racing they will if allowed to talk about it for @5 minutes,drug use or busts will come up. In the United States Greg LeMond is fading in the cycling mind,I think Armstrong is as well,to a lesser extent. For sure Armstrong could not have imagined the branding he would have permanently stamped on bike racing..so yes even today when Lance retells his version of bike racing history,he brings up revenues of all kinds,like Trek sales,race participation,sponsor interest and many more absolutely beneficial effects on cycling..and cancer..yes he did great things. That is not really arguable..but..right now bike racing is struggling to keep the lights on..sponsors are being begged to participate..and the lasting Lance legacy is that drug use \ drug cheating is synonymous with cycling..
bike racing needs to use the nuclear option..for the time being,cycling needs to distance itself self from the Olympics,needs to go in a direction of a ultra defined rule set,strict clear actions for violations of drug violations.
Many here post on a certain level of dismay and disgust that previous drug cheats are still a big part of the sport,that is opinion from p peoplewho click on cycling specific websites..engage in discussions about the sport.
But guilt by association from outsiders is obvious and ugly. How can the sport be looked at from outside and have any credibility? Vino involved? People like him..it just makes everyone think the same thing,not that drugs are out of bike racing,no..they think that bike racing insiders are better at hiding there use..and it doesn't matter if that is true..it only matters if people think it.
not sure if lifetime ban for first offense is too extreme.. But like a child molester running a kindergarten or daycare center,drug cheats should not be participating in any capacity w young riders..
So the Samsic sponsor actually threatened the team that they would pull out the sponsorship if more investigations come up in the future.
Are these sponsors playing stupid? so they wanted to win the Tour with this continental team and on top of that after one of the greatest performance in history by UAE, the French police decided to raid Arkea from all teams. LOL. These French teams know the definition of shooting yourself in the foot.

Actually it would be the best thing for Quintana. Team would fold and no more contractual obligations for him. He can find a new team at a discount, this time without his brother and friend. Additionally this time he would make sure that it is a WT so don't have to depend on silly small races results.

I guess Quintana is learning the hard way.
BTW, Colombians today looked cleaner than ever!!!! :D
Yeah, indeed. Since the argument "Colombians do not stand a chance in the blood doping era since they profit less with their high hematocrit" was frequently used - do we take something away from that? I guess not.

But Lopez looks really bad (and I mean Quintana too but thats not new) - how does this fit with his enormous Ventoux performance not long ago?