CMS Doping in sport revelations/discussion

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Is that confirmed it will finish then? I haven't followed it recently tbh.
Freeman's High Court appeal is still set for this month or next month as far as I know. His erasure is not yet in force because its pending the outcome of his appeal, which can only be rejected after a full High Court hearing. Looks like there are about15 grounds being appealed relating to the truth/honesty of Sutton's evidence and denial. The hearing is due to take 2-3 days.

If rejected, UKAD can pursue their 2 charges and GMC obviously then get to erase Freeman from the register. If accepted, then UKAD would drop their 2 charges unless they have further evidence not yet given to MPTS tribunal which seems unlikely as both British Cycling & UKAD were claimants together with the GMC. I'm not sure what happens with his suspension, I assume the panel has to reevaluate his fitness to practice having removed the 3 main charges.
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I spoke too soon. The Judge has adjourned the appeal indefinitely with no future date due to how Sutton's transcript was worded by GMC it seems. Weird! GMC objected to the court using their own video evidence of Sutton instead.
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The link you have provided makes no mention of Shane Sutton and says that the GMC's objection was to the request from Freeman's lawyers that the judge be allowed to listen to an audio recording of the first disciplinary hearing before the appeal.

Graham Small, partner at JMW Solicitors which is representing Freeman, said: "The written transcript of the disciplinary simply did not convey the overt hostility displayed towards our client. It’s unusual for a High Court Judge to adjourn an appeal, but in this case it’s necessary."

JMW Solicitors LLP made a request for an audio recording of the first disciplinary hearing to be heard by the judge just before the appeal happened but the General Medical Council objected to this application, thus delaying the process.
This is not "how Sutton's transcript was worded by GMC", it is a transcript of the whole disciplinary hearing. Either provide a different link that backs up this argument or refrain for making misleading posts.
I think you can add 1 + 1 together King to know that 'did not convey the overt hostility displayed towards our client' is Sutton. Clearly a stenographer doesn't record behaviour and that is the issue for JMW. Who else in the tribunal with a billion live tweets from various journalists was hostile to Freeman? Come on, this is just nitpicking, we all know the grounds of the appeal because O'Rourke said it would be based on Suttons evidence and behaviour and GMC refusing his affidavit!
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I believe it perfectly supports it and anyone reading the word 'hostility in relation to this tribunal knows there was only one person that could be. I've omitted the word Sutton, but this is just stupid when the entire clinic is about assertions and linking them to riders names anyway!
Sam....Sutton didn't order the testogel and Sutton didn't destroy and lose laptops. Sutton may have lied repeatedly however we know that Freeman did lie repeatedly....this is all about Freeman/BC/Sky/SDB/Wiggins (and assorted other riders)...Sutton's a bit player
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