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Colom positive for EPO

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Mar 16, 2009
Colom added, "The reason for the doubts generated by this analysis are not unfounded; after this year's Tour of Algarve I received a threatening call from a 'hidden' phone number saying that I was positive. This call was repeated after my performance in Paris-Nice."

I'll bet the call was from Tyler Hamilton's twin!
Mar 10, 2009
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whiteboytrash said:
Didn't Tyler say that he had threatening phone calls before his positive ?

krebs303 said:
Colom added, "The reason for the doubts generated by this analysis are not unfounded]

So they got a threatening call, what did they say other than that the rider was testing positive? I would highly suspect they wanted some kind of payment to keep it out but we have nothing other than a threatening call? Who calls to say "you're testing positive" and hangs up? How is that a threat? I think there is more to the calls but we are not being told what it is that is threatening.