Contadopers Top Tips To Win The TDF

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Kwibus said:
Hilarious thread. The clinic is crowded with ill people, thank god it's a clinic.

I'm no idiot and fully aware there is still doping, but I love how some hardcore clinic posters see conspiracies in absolutely everything that happens.

How can you even start a thread about this video in the clinic? Because they didn't mention dope once in the video! Looool
Indeed. Alberto is only going to answer the questions he's asked - not his fault if the journo doesn't ask them.
LaFlorecita said:
However I am still upset they dared to take away his wins (especially Giro '11)
strangely, I'm at odds with this one too... he never tested positive for it...

The Hitch said:
Its not pointless. Most of the time the people that ask just want a headline like "rider x says sport is clean".
Actually they'd prefer a denial because a headline of "Rider x denies doping" has far more impact and everyone then believes he's lying.