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I'm a champion of doing that.

Anyway, just when I was cursing Seeldrayers for managing to crash on a straight road uphill and in a breakaway, Martens came out of nowhere to give me some points. Kreder had already come out of nowhere at La Sarthe. And then I trusted Galimzyanov. It's been my best day so far, I think.
luckyboy said:
lol bye Cunego
When i read that I thought he got injured for the season or worse tested positive, and quickly went into the clinic to see if this was the case.

As it happens he just retired from a race which by the end he would have likely got no more than 20 points for (providing he tried in the tt)
Sep 27, 2009
Need some points, don't seem to be getting many.
Paris - Roubaix
Matthew Goss
Tomas Vaitkus
Tom Boonen
Gert Steegmans
Heinrich Haussler
The Hitch said:
It seems lucky boy either has inside knowledge which he refused to post in the clinic, or his post was a coincidence, but looking at the clinic, it could be bye bye Cunego indeed. Same for Ballan. My team is starting to look very very screwed. :eek:
It's Italy. Unless you plan on having them in your 2013 team. ;)
luckyboy said:
Even if they get to officially keep their results?
If they get to keep their results then they keep their scores I think. This game involves pasting peoples scores from cq into the game editor. Notice how those with Ricco have the 22 points he scored this year.

How likely is it that theyll get banned though?
ingsve said:
Didn't we decide that as far as this competition goes that is anyone gets banned they would count as 0 as a penalty?
I don't think so. Maybe someone proposed that for the 2012 season, but as far as I know we haven't agreed to anything and it was decided to leave the rules talk to November or so.
ingsve said:
Didn't we decide that as far as this competition goes that is anyone gets banned they would count as 0 as a penalty?
Who is we? This isnt a democracy. Hugo decides;)

What i remember is that someone posted some incoherent drivel about how if you have a rider who gets caught doping your whole team should be suspended, and then someone else suggested that what said poster meant was that if a rider gets caught, that rider gets 0, not the whole team, followed by the word "obviously", but it was far from any law set in stone which the game has to adhere to.

And even if that accidental convo was to be taken as Gods word, does that include people who are being suspended for doping they are alleged to have done not this season but many seasons ago?

And if the entire Lampre 08 squad gets suspended, is Hugo supposed to go through the database and change to 0 the score of every rider (and by the end that could be quite a large number) who has been banned. This for every single week of the game?

And if Contador gets banned, but gets to keep his Catalunia score, then since it has been decided that all banned riders get 0, does that mean we are going to set up our own "alternate cq universe" where we calculate who would have got what scores had Contador not been there so that Uran can get an extra 12 points and so that Anton can get 12 points for finishing 25th rather than the 11 points he got for finishing 26th while Contador was there. Because cq isnt going to do that for us.
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