Crank arms

Jun 25, 2009
Crank arm length is somewhat dependent on leg length/cadence (and other factors) but generally sprinters use shorter... if you do a search of this site e.g. Form and Fitness you will find articles or links to the info you need.

Failing that google is your friend
Jun 16, 2009
wavecito said:
What is the ideal lenth of the crank arms on a track bike for the different disciplines?:confused:

It has been awhile but when i was racing 165 was the standard, I know some kilo & pursuiters would go a little longer but generally it was just easier to go with 165 for everything.

I am actually 6ft 1in tall with a long inseam and when i started riding road i did a professional fitting and started using 175. I ended up always grinding too big a gear. Then i went back to track & found my spin again using the 165's. When i went back to the road i switched to 170's, even for road racing. I feel like it is easier to accelerate the shorter crank(turning smaller circle) and i don't notice any loss of power on the climbs. I feel like i have just as much leverage.
Bottom line you get a better spin with shorter cranks and once you become acclimated to them you will love them.:cool:
Mar 12, 2009
A recent study by Dr Jim Martin showed that crank length makes pretty much no difference in terms of power production.

Where it can make a difference is in comfort and position of body. Shorter cranks can allow the body to go lower at the front and hence more aero.

FWIW, I use three difference cranks lengths (167.5, 170 and 172.5). No difference in power, performance or comfort.

So if anything perhaps err on the side of shorter.
May 11, 2009
I read somewhere that 165 cranks are mandatory on the Manchester, UK, velodrome. Can anyone confirm that?